Maryland Legislation Updates

1. Commission to Study the Health Care Workforce Crisis established by HB 625/ SB 440. The legislation establishes the Commission to Study the Health Care Workforce Crisis in Maryland to examine certain areas related to health care workforce shortages in the State, including the extent of the workforce shortage, short-term solutions to the workforce shortage, future health care workforce needs, and the relationship between the Maryland Department of Health and the health occupations boards; and requiring the Commission to submit its final report to certain committees of the General Assembly by December 31, 2023.

The Commission's initial work will be conducted by three advisory groups:
Data and Workforce - (Chair, Casey Tiefenwerth, Department of Labor, - will determine the extent of workforce shortage and future needs;
Education and Pipeline - (Chair, Dr. Jane Kirschling, UMD School of Nursing, - will examine the State's educational institutions and training programs, and
State Efficiencies and Cooperation - (*Interim Chair, Kimberly Link, MDH, - will examine the relationship between the Department of Health and the Health Occupations Boards.

If you are interested in joining a work group or participating in its proceedings, please contact the advisory group chairperson. Advisory group membership is governed by the terms of the legislation and the discretion of the chairperson. If you or your organization would like to make a presentation to an advisory group, please contact the appropriate group chairperson.

Commission and advisory group meetings are open to the public. Meeting notices and agenda will be posted on the MDH website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kimberly B. Link, J.D., Commission Chair, Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Health Board Matters, 4201 Patterson Ave., Suite 306, Baltimore, MD 21215 (410) 979-8722 or

2. HB 1208 (Health Occupations - Health Care Workforce Expansion): Requires the State Board of Nursing to evaluate the workforce based on data from nursing certificate renewals and promulgate regulations related to requirements for CNAs. Also provides tax benefits for certain activities (such as nurses who act as preceptors to train nurses).
3. SB 518/ HB 821 (Career Pathways for Health Care Workers Program): Creates a program in the Department of Labor that provides matching grants to employers for training programs attended by healthcare workers and requires the Governor to provide at least $1M for the program in the budget.
4. SB 696/ HB 975 (Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment for Nurses and Nursing Workers - Program Establishment and Funding): Establishes a Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment Fund for Nurses and “Nursing Workers”. $400K is provided per year for this fund.