NSP II Updates

Stay Tuned!

The FY 2025 NSP II Competitive Institutional Grants RFA was released in the summer of 2023. FY 2025 NSP II Competitive Institutional Grants Writing Workshop and Technical Assistance Meetings were held in the Fall of 2023.

NSP II poster presented at the 2023 Organization of Associate Degree Nursing A Maryland Nursing Workforce Intervention that Makes $ense!

The new NSP II slick sheet provides stakeholders with information to summarize the programs and goals of NSP II.

Important Reminders

Reporting Due Dates

  • FY 2024 Annual Reports: Due August 31, 2024
  • FY 2024 Final Reports: Due September 30, 2024

Reminder: Due Date for Annual Reports

Please note the due date for annual reports has changed to August 31st each year to allow for year end close and actual expenditure reporting.

New Form for Annual Reports

The annual report budget summary template has been updated. The annual budget summary reports actual expenditures instead of projected expenditures (previously). Please use the updated form for reporting. Please submit via email by due date to laura.schenk1@maryland.gov and kimberly.ford@maryland.gov and via U.S. mail by due date with original signatures on budget summary forms. Photocopied/pdf signatures are not acceptable.

Important Deadlines

  • FY 2025 NSP II Competitive Grant Applications: Due January 25, 2024
  • FY 2023 Academic Nurse Educator Certification (ANEC): Due 3.15.2024
  • FY 2025 New Nursing Faculty Fellowship (NNFF) Nominations: Due 8.31.2024
  • FY 2025 Nurse Educator Doctoral Grant (NEDG) Nominations: Due 9.30.2024
  • FY 2024 Dr. Peg E. Daw Nurse Faculty Annual Recognition (NFAR) Nominations: Due 10.31.2024
  • FY 2025 MCSRC Nominations: 11.15.2024

Senate Bill 108

Senate Bill 108 was introduced during the 2016 Maryland legislative session to remove the term "bedside" as a descriptor in the statutory provision that establishes the NSP II. Instead of focusing on "bedside" nurses, SB 108 allows the NSP II to expand the projects eligible for NSP II funding to keep pace with the rapidly changing provision of health care services. SB 108 was voted favorable by the Maryland Senate and the House and was approved by the Governor on April 26, 2016.