Statewide Initiatives

The Statewide Initiatives support the national and state NSP II goals by increasing the preparation of academic and practice leaders, graduating additional faculty and hospital educators, recruiting, retaining and recognizing nursing faculty, increasing the completions of terminal degrees for existing faculty, and sharing important leadership and simulation resources with clinical practice leaders and academic faculty leaders to meet the developing needs of the future nursing workforce.

AACN Special Survey on Vacant Faculty Positions for AY 2020-2021

Current statewide initiatives include: (1) Academic Nurse Educator Certification Award (ANEC), for nurses who demonstrate excellence as an academic nurse educator through achieving and maintaining the National League for Nursing's Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) credential, (2) Cohen Scholars (CS) for students to complete the graduate education necessary to become nursing faculty at Maryland institutions of higher education, (3) New Nurse Faculty Fellowships (NNFF), for new nurse faculty hired by Maryland institutions to expand enrollments in their nursing programs, (4) Nurse Educator Doctoral Grants for Practice and Dissertation Research (NEDG) for existing faculty to expedite doctoral degree completions, (5) Nurse Faculty Annual Recognition Awards (NFAR) to recognize faculty demonstrating excellence in education in one of 5 areas of expertise.

Other statewide resources include : (1) Nurse Leadership Institute (NLI) to promote innovations between education and practice to lead change and advance health, (2) Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium (MCSRC) to increase the quality and quantity of simulation used in nursing education in Maryland, (3) Faculty Academy and Mentoring Initiative of Maryland (FAMI-MD) to prepare experienced nurses to become clinical faculty, (4) Lead Nursing Forward (LNF) to centralize information about nursing education as a career and connect nurses with job openings across institutions and hospitals within Maryland and (5) Maryland Nursing Workforce Center (MNWC).

The statewide initiatives are faculty focused with multiple opportunities to:
•Recruit, retain and recognize a diverse nursing faculty
•Increase the number of doctoral prepared nursing faculty in Maryland
•Strengthen the faculty development for optimal capacity at schools of nursing
•Enhance leadership and simulation opportunities across academia and practice
•Prepare expert clinicians to serve as clinical faculty
•Provide centralized web-based opportunities to learn about nursing education as a career

Academic Nurse Educator Certification (ANEC) Award

The Nurse Support Program II (NSP II) provides funding for Academic Nurse Educator Certification (ANEC) awards to faculty who demonstrated excellence as an academic nurse educator through achieving and maintaining the National League for Nursing’s (NLN’s) Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) credential. As recognition of their professionalism and in support of their ongoing faculty development requirements necessary to maintain the credential, the ANEC award is intended to reinforce the use of the CNE as one measurement of excellence in nursing programs and retain outstanding academic educators.

Cohen Scholars (formerly Hal and Jo Cohen GNF)

The NSP II provides funding for full tuition and fees for graduate education through the Cohen Scholars (formerly Hal and Jo Cohen GNF) for future and current nurse faculty and clinical educators. The funding support is provided for the graduate student to complete the educational preparation necessary for their chosen career path as nurse faculty or clinical nurse educators. Grant awards have a service obligation component and are by nomination only, subject to the availability of funds and not all eligible applicants may receive an award.

New Nursing Faculty Fellowship Program (NNFF)

The new faculty fellowships are available to Maryland institutions with nursing degree programs through nominations of newly hired full-time, tenured, tenure-track faculty, non-tenure or clinical-track nursing faculty. These fellowships will assist Maryland nursing programs in recruiting and retaining new nursing faculty to teach, expanding capacity and supporting the pipeline.

Nurse Educator Doctoral Grant for Practice and Dissertation Research (NEDG)

Nursing Deans and Directors nominate existing nursing faculty who are completing doctoral degrees and within the last 2 years of completion. The program is intended to expedite doctoral completion by providing financial support during the dissertation or scholarly capstone phase of the program.

Nurse Faculty Annual Recognition (NFAR) Award

Deans and Directors of all nursing programs nominate a nurse faculty demonstrating excellence, innovation and leadership for this annual award.

Nurse Leadership Institute (NLI)

The Nurse Leadership Institute for Nursing Practice and Education (NLI) is designed to build Maryland’s nursing leadership capacity. Coordinated and collaborative nursing leadership in practice and education is vital to transforming health care delivery models in Maryland and ultimately improving health care outcomes for Maryland residents. The NLI prepares emerging and existing nurse leaders from practice and academia with guidance from a chosen mentor.

Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium (MCSRC)

The Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium (MCSRC) is designed to increase the quality and quantity of simulation used in nursing education in Maryland. The MCSRC Simulation Train the Trainer Program provides training to enable nursing faculty and hospital nurse educators to become experts in the use of simulation in nursing education. Maryland institutions with nursing degree programs and hospital nursing education departments may nominate faculty and staff to participate in the Simulation Train the Trainer program.

Faculty Academy and Mentoring Initiative of Maryland (FAMI-MD) (formerly ES-FAMI)

FAMI is a 30 contact-hour program beginning with a face-to-face introductory session followed by two-weeks of intensive online instruction, followed by expectations to be part of a data base of eligible clinical instructors for the partner schools.

Lead Nursing Forward (LNF)

The Maryland Educator Career Portal developed web-based resources to provide information for those interested in a nurse educator career, educational requirements, job openings, and opportunities for the hospital or academic employers to post adjunct faculty, clinical instructors and other nursing positions. We invite all new graduate nurses seeking employment and schools with open positions to log-in and use these resources to connect the nurses interested in working in nursing educator roles with opportunities. Consider Maryland Nursing Programs

Academic Practice Partnership

This Academic-Practice Partnership of Clinical Nurses completing higher degrees- RN-BSN-MSN has increased Statewide Nursing Capacity. Over the past 15 years, working within academic-practice partnerships and 22 Maryland hospitals, more than 275 Baccalaureate and Masters’ level, hospital-based Clinical Instructors, Faculty, Preceptors and Mentors have been prepared to assist Maryland Schools of Nursing to increase enrollments as a result of expanded clinical access and preceptorships for nursing students.

Current continutation grant Partners and Affiliates: Anne Arundel Medical Center; UM Baltimore-Washington Medical Center; MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center; Frederick Health; UM Harford Memorial Hospital; Holy Cross Hospital; UM Medical Center; UMMC Midtown Campus; UM Prince Georges Hospital Center; UM Saint Joseph Medical Center.

Interprofessional Educational Modules and Simulations for Nursing Student Instruction and Faculty Development (IPE)

This IPE faculty development program was initiated to prepare nursing, medicine and pharmacy faculty statewide. An interprofessional faculty team, including Johns Hopkins University Schools of Nursing and Medicine and Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy created initial IPE simulations, evaluated the IPE clinical simulations, developed additional IPE simulations, focusing on IPE competencies; these simulations are to be readily available and accessible by all schools of nursing and disseminated across the state of Maryland. They are intended to assist faculty in meeting IPE competencies and provide clinical instruction opportunities for student learning.

Maryland Nursing Workforce Center (MNWC)

The Maryland Nursing Workforce Center (MNWC) was founded in 2018 through NSP II funding. It was established to coordinate nursing workforce data collection, analysis and reporting with the intent to inform comprehensive and coordinated nursing workforce planning and development. The MNWC is recognized as a formal center at the University of Maryland School of Nursing and is a member of the National Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers.

Maryland Universal Pre-licensure Student Nurse Onboarding

Maryland Nursing Workforce Center (MNWC) and Maryland Nurse Residency Collaborative (MNRC) partnered together to develop eleven modules for hospital required materials that all students would complete at each individual hospital to meet state and federal requirements. The 41 hospitals reviewed and approved the materials developed in this partnership with a faculty/hospital sub-committee. The hospitals will provide specific information that can be located on the MNRC repository with the modules. With this program, students will spend more time in clinical (reduce redundant completion of standard requirements) and hospitals/SON will save time and money.
The 6/13/22 presentation delivered by Dr. Joan Warren is here: Universal Onboarding PPT.

Psych and Leadership Toolkits for Faculty

This free web-based resource is available for Maryland nursing faculty and focuses on teaching essential skills and promoting leadership development in the care of individuals with behavioral health issues. Faculty must create an account and then will be able to access the materials. This resource is intended to maximize faculty time, use common learning activities across nursing programs, and prepare future nurses with essential skills to provide safe and quality care for individuals with behavioral health issues.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Preceptor Development Education

This hybrid program is designed for clinicians who have precepted, are currently precepting, or will precept advanced practice nursing (APRN) students in the State of Maryland in a variety of settings. It consists of seven online education modules you can complete at your own pace and a two-hour simulation session, offered monthly, a final simulation session and continuing education credits.

Faculty Toolkits

NSP II resources developed across many schools of nursing have been shared on this page with the intention to support each other in maintaining quality education for our nurse graduates. Although schools compete for NSP II competitive institutional grants each year, they are required to share their work at annual conferences and provide all of the resources developed through the grants with colleagues across all schools for a true statewide impact. In addition, there are national level faculty toolkits that are available at no cost. These toolkits cover a broad range of student and faculty topics.

R3-Renewal, Resilience and Retention for Maryland Nurses

This implementation grant addresses the issues of retention of new and experienced nurses. The statewide initiative for academic faculty, nursing students, Nurse Residency Program educators, and novice nurses - Renewal, Resilience and Retention (R3) – will strengthen the resiliency curriculum before and after graduation. This trans-institutional academic/practice collaboration will address root causes of burnout and disengagement to improve well-being, strengthen the bridge from education to practice, and increase retention. Collaboratively with national and state stakeholders, universities and hospitals in Maryland, statewide communities of practice will share best practices and to sustain their dissemination and optimization. R3 will impact 1500+ faculty, students, NRP educators and novice nurses with skills and organizational strategies that reduce burnout, improve resilience, wellbeing and job sustainability, and that forge healthy, ethical workplaces.

Transition to Nurse Residency Program

The Transition to Nurse Residency Program (TNRP) was developed as an innovative two week long or 80-hour curriculum to help hospitals fill the education-practice gap of new nurses entering the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the TNRP is to build the new-to-practice nurses' skills and competencies to the same level of their pre-pandemic counterparts. The purpose is to assess and develop specific skills and competencies that pre-licensure nursing students could not demonstrate or experience due to the reduction or cancelation of in-person clinical education. The TNRP does not duplicate nor replace the 12-month Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program (NRP). Instead, the TNRP program is a time-limited precursor to the NRP offered at onboarding and before the new-to-practice nurses assume patient assignments. Currently, 15 hospitals plan to implement the program using a toolkit that was developed to guide hospital nursing leaders with the program implementation.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care is a specialty practice within nursing. Integrating palliative care and End of Life Care into nursing education and practice, communication, COVID-19 symptom management, ethical dilemmas, and moral resilience in the era of COVID-19, have been on the forefront of nursing. For more information, we have also created 13 videos with our Palliative care lecture series which are available using the Password: Nursing and Palliative Video Resources. Other resources include: Palliative Curriculum Mapping .

Preparing Clinical Faculty at the Institute for Educators

The Preparing Clinical Faculty program is designed to build Maryland’s clinical educator, clinical instructor and clinical faculty capacity. Two day workshops are held virtually or in person several times each year at no cost. The curriculum is appropriate for a new clinical instructor or an experienced instructor and includes continuing education credits. After completion, the participants are eligible to take the NLN's CNE-CL examination and if they are successful, they may receive a one time $1,000 award through the program. The goal is to increase certified clinical faculty, many of whom are part-time and do not qualify for the academic CNE or ANEC award for full-time faculty. The program has a successful track record.

Conversations in Genetics Webinars

Genetics and genomics understanding is advancing rapidly and changing how human health and disease are conceptualized, diagnosed, and managed. Nurses need to integrate these core concepts into their practices to lead changes that advance health in personalized healthcare and wellbeing. In this webinar, members of the Genetics and Genomics in Nursing Community of Practice (CoP) will provide education on two genetic diseases: Sickle Cell Disease and Cystic Fibrosis. They will also share the educational materials developed by the Genetics and Genomics in Nursing CoP that are freely available for the purpose of educating nursing students and nurses throughout Maryland.

Topic: Focus on Genetics and Genomics Educational Resources for Nurses

When: Wednesday March 30, 2022 from 5 – 6 pm EDT

Speakers: Nicklaine Paul, RN, BSN, CCM, Founder and Executive Consultant, Sickle Care Solutions, LLC and
Kathryn Reuwer, MSN, RN, Nursing Instructor, Chesapeake, College/MGW Nursing Program

Moderator: Nicole Mollenkopf, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCPPS, Assistant Professor, Director of Interprofessional Education, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

How to join: Use the registration link to register and you will receive the Zoom link by email.

November 12, 2020: Conversations in Genetics “What We Say Matters”
December 17, 2020: Conversations in Genetics “Engaging Nurses in Genetics-The Future is Here”
January 28, 2021: Conversations in Genetics "Genomics in the Newborn Screen"