Pysch and Leadership Toolkits for Faculty

NSP II funded development of a series of web-based Standardized Patient Experience (SPE) toolkits to teach nursing students essential skills for caring for individuals with behavioral health issues. This free online resource is available to faculty in all Maryland nursing programs. Maryland educators can access this free resource by creating an account.

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Each toolkit contains video vignettes featuring trained actors who portray individuals with various mental health disorders, to demonstrate and teach content. Additionally, toolkits include learning objectives, pre-assignment activities for students and faculty, feedback rubrics, and suggested post-clinical activities.

Our newest toolkits are designed to help students practice and master leadership skills including interprofessional collaboration, conflict management, and advocacy.

Toolkits are designed to be used in several ways:

1. to prepare students for “live” clinical experiences
2. as a substitute for “live” clinical experiences in times of low census or lack of placements
3. to augment instruction for students who need additional experience to meet clinical objectives
4. to assure that all students have exposure to caring for those with specific mental health issues.
5. to allow students to practice leadership skills.

Topics available include:

  • how to establish a therapeutic relationship and professional boundaries
  • management of hallucinations and delusions
  • assessment of suicidal ideation
  • management of an individual with manic behavior
  • assessment of addictions and withdrawal
  • interprofessional collaboration involving a client with PTSD
  • communicating with an individual with dementia
  • resolving conflict when managing clients with addictions
  • advocacy for clients with schizophrenia

Users will have access to any toolkit on the site by clicking the associated link. To obtain access to additional toolkits, the user must complete a survey providing feedback on the accessed toolkit. Feedback provided will unlock and allow the user access to another toolkit.