R3 – Renewal, Resilience and Retention of Maryland Nurses Initiative

Nurses are resilient, and we want to keep them that way! What’s also true is that whether called burnout, moral distress or simply stress, there’s not a CEO, CNO or SON Dean who doesn’t worry about it nor is there a faculty member, student or frontline nurse who hasn’t seen or experienced it first-hand.

Thanks to an NSP II grant our goal is to renew, retain and amplify the resilience of nurses throughout Maryland - students, educators and nurses in all specialties and roles through a culture of ethical practice.
The NSP II grant will support us in developing and implementing a statewide initiative for academic faculty, nursing students, Nurse Residency Program educators, and novice nurses to strengthen the resiliency curriculum before and after graduation. This trans-institutional academic/practice collaboration will address root causes of burnout and disengagement to improve well-being, strengthen the bridge from education to practice, and increase retention. Collaboratively with national and state stakeholders, universities and hospitals in Maryland, we will create statewide communities of practice to share best practices and to sustain their dissemination and optimization. R3 will impact 1500+ faculty, students, NRP educators and novice nurses with skills and organizational strategies that reduce burnout, improve resilience, wellbeing and job sustainability, and that forge healthy, ethical workplaces.

This is an inclusive, collaborative learning lab where some of the most ground-breaking, innovative and impactful models of resilience will be shared. Throughout this site you will find best practices, research, papers, and insights to pave the way for the culture of ethical practice nurses throughout Maryland need to flourish. Please join us - we want you in it with us!

Report is below and also on social media outlets:

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