Competitive Institutional Grants

Competitive Institutional Grants support institutional funding for increasing educational capacity to provide undergraduate entry level to graduate nursing programs. They are awarded through an annual competitive grant application process. Eligible applicants consist of 1) individual Maryland higher education institutions with nursing degree programs, 2) consortia of Maryland institutions of higher education with nursing degree programs and Maryland hospitals, or 3) partnerships of Maryland higher education institutions with nursing degree programs. Since 2006, programs at all nursing schools across the State of Maryland have been funded through a competitive application and awarding process.

FY 2020 Request for Applications (Word document)
FY 2020 Request for Applications (PDF)
FY 2020 Appendix A
FY 2020 Budget Summary
FY 2020 Annual Budget Request

Statewide Initiatives

Statewide Initiatives support the NSP II goals for IOM #4, #5, #6, & #7 by increasing the preparation of academic and practice leaders, graduating additional faculty and hospital educators, recruiting and retaining new nursing faculty, increasing the completions of terminal degrees for existing faculty, and sharing important leadership and simulation resources with clinical practice leaders and academic faculty leaders to meet the developing needs of the future nursing workforce.

Current statewide initiatives include: (1) Graduate Nursing Scholarships (GNF) for students to complete the graduate education necessary to become nursing faculty at Maryland institutions of higher education, (2) New Nurse Faculty Fellowships (NNFF), for new nurse faculty hired by Maryland institutions to expand enrollments in their nursing programs, (3) Nurse Educator Doctoral Grants for Practice and Dissertation Research (NEDG) for existing faculty to expedite doctoral degree completions, (4) Nurse Leadership Institute (NLI) to promote innovations between education and practice to lead change and advance health and (5) Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium (MCSRC) to increase the quality and quantity of simulation used in nursing education in Maryland.