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The Lead Nursing Forward Career Portal is a free web resource for those interested in nursing and nursing education. Lead Nursing Forward is a collaboration between Employers, Educational Institutions, and aspiring Nurse Educators. We aim to provide information, connect employers with job openings with qualified nurses, and help Maryland prepare the nurse educators of the future. Visit the Lead Nursing Forward career portal and follow Lead Nursing Forward on Facebook.

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Are you wondering how you can become a nurse educator? Everyone's pathway to nursing education is different. Listen to these Maryland nurse educators' stories and find out what drives their passion for teaching.

There is no single path to becoming a nurse educator. Hear the stories of these Maryland educators.

Maryland nurse educators discuss the importance of preparing the next generation of nurses.

Nurses are natural teachers.

Nurse educators are responsible for shaping the next generation of nurses. How do they do it? Hear about a typical day in the lives of these nurse educators.

Nurse Educators from Maryland nursing programs discuss techniques to make their classrooms more learner-centered.